The Band

From humble beginnings in a unitary state, Sri Lanka, Rajitha along with Misty’s has risen to international super stardom like a shooting star. He has earned music industry accolades from around the world, recognizing his status as the best artist of all time among the young and the old, alike. With locals and Sri Lankans living in the western world has seen Rajitha literally transform himself from a gifted pre-adolescent into an international superstar.
It all began in 1997 when Rajitha was performing at Giravaru in the Maldives. Later on in 1999 he returned home with his colleague, stepping into the club act in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka!
Rajitha is categorized by his fans, as the most esteemed musical Ambassador and a singular phenomenon in the R & B, pop and dance category into the solo music world. The next major transition of Misty came in 2001, when he expanded the duo-outfit in to a fully-fledged 6-piece live pop and dance music group. Since its expansion, Misty found its way to popularity among all circuits of the Colombo’s society to be the most popular band on a top of the mind recall.
Misty, in addition to being an ultra-popular musical outfit within the country, poses a remarkable record of international performances such as, the Performance at the “Festival De Cannes” in France 2004, the Performance at the annual Cricketers Ball in London England 2003/6, Sri Lankan participation at the I.T.B Berlin Germany year 2004/05, Sri Lankan Air line’s inaugural launch in China/ Frankfurt/Karachi, Refreshingly Sri Lanka Trafalgar square – London 2006 and the Festival of Cricket – London 2006.
The love and respect Misty commands both in Sri Lanka and in the West are unique in the annals of the history of music. In 2012, this remarkable band celebrated its decade of successful years concertizing which created history on the Sri Lankan arts scene. The streak of recognition had only just begun……
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