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Rajitha Rupasinghe

Manager/ Band Leader – Vocalist

A dulcet voice with an amazing range. An inflection that can capture every human emotion. An energy that is prolific and prodigious. Can all these attributes dwell in one singer?

To missions who know him and the band ‘Misty’ has all these and more. Speaking of music legends of the past once said that even audiences who did not speak the language of music were moved by the emotive power of  his voice. In a single concert or in a single collection, this versatile singer can take his listeners along with him on a rich and colorful emotional journey across states of mirth and melancholy, romance and revelry,reflection and abandon, leaving them ecstatic and breathless. His passionate portrayal of sublime emotions makes his audiences experience them together, uniting their souls as differences disappear and a sense of oneness prevails, which is arguably the greatest compliment, a categorical and conclusive acknowledgement of his contribution and service to Art and Mankind.

Sudath Munaweera

Lead Guitarist

Demonstrating his claim to being a self-taught musician and a guitarist in his fourteen year western music proficiency, in the year 2008, Sudath joined with Misty. With evidence of a degree of reticence unusual for his stature, he performs songs with taste and sung with tender resonance.

With this distinctive voice, Sudath harmonize for the band. A model demonstration of guitar virtuosity and richness of his musical palette – this is a simple way to describe him.

The results have undeniable emotional heft and one could witness this when he plays Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll and Reggae which is what is close to his heart


Dennis Alwis


Great melodic beats – plushing drums

If drum beats can be melodic – this drummer showcases this when he takes Misty on a journey through dynamic and exciting interplay of rhythm. His triumphant, tireless and compulsive rhythm never stops to catch its breath.

Dennis, the wizard drummer has self learnt his naissances of music to entice the audience with his drum solos.

He creates mystical beasts which is his trademark passion, innovation and style which comes from within.

Udaya Walikala


Due in part to his innate talent, but also because of his deep commitment to his craft for the past two decades, Udaya has proven to be one of the most respected keyboardist in the Sri Lankan music fraternity. He expresses himself on his musical instrument and synthesizers in many interesting ways where he sinuous and his melodic organ riffs defines’ the band’s sounds.

Udaya, lives and breathes inside the songs and showcases new sides to both the work and himself. Simply stunning. When this keyboardist becomes an artist.


Sanjeewa Hettige

Bass Guitarist

This guitarist is an original inspiration with a soulful voice. His engaging persona with the song lyrics, combined with superb musicianship and the ability to play bass, rhythm and melody simultaneously, leaves audiences spellbound. Marvel at the speed of his playing and one could witness effortlessly how this authentic guitar virtuoso embraces any type of music.

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